Open Gaming Network
What is the OGN?
Open Gaming Network was founded in January 2009 to provide a free and completely fair network for game developers to advertise their games.

OGN: Linkshare bar
Place the small 760x42 linkshare bar on your website and start trading visits with other online games. Our network provides 1:1 ratios. For every one game that you advertise on your website, your game will be advertised once. The default linkshare banner shows 12 games. That means your game will be shown 12 times.

OGN: Game Listing
A directory of all games is provided on our website, increasing your search engine page-ranks and providing a great place to find quality web games.

Completely Free and Fair.
Our goal is to remain completely free and open to as many impressions that may come our way. In the future operating costs may become overbearing. In this event we plan to sell the "featured" slot to online game startups. We are and will always remain non-profit minded.

How can you provide such a service for free?
The creator behind OGN (BSG Online Games) has been involved in providing free online games for 8 years. After the frustrations of using services such as LinkBuddy or Link Exchange which offer a mediocre 2:1 ratio (that's 50% of your space paying their salaries) it was time for change. BSG Online Games already has a powerful webserver with available bandwidth and infrastructure.

An open solution.
OGN is more than just a linkshare bar. It is a network of skilled like-minded web developers providing quality web games for the masses. OGN is powered by the people and for the people. OGN is designed to be self policing and maintained by a community of quality web games.

Join our network today.